Casey graduated one of the highest performers in her class from Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado's 900 hour Certified Massage Therapist program and completed Axis Yoga's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist she was a project manager in Houston. Looking for a break from the Texas heat she opted for the snow and mountains of Colorado, but before she settled back into an office job in Denver she took a tour of a local massage school. Taking her love of learning and spontaneity to a new level; she began classes the following week. She knew right away she was meant to be a massage therapist. Following graduation Casey was recruited to a sports clinic, became a teaching assistant to her bodywork instructor, worked in a Russian banya, and continued to run her private practice. She is thrilled to bring these experiences and her practice to her hometown of The Woodlands.

Her first exposure to yoga was taking it as an exercise credit in college. She became more dedicated in her yoga practice while living in Houston, finding it a great way to reduce work-related stress. It was there she began to see the benefits of regular practice and the power of connecting mind and body through breath. Through a chance encounter towards the end of her massage program, she was connected to the owners of Axis Yoga. Her teacher training at Axis was classically based with emphasis on pranayama, meditation and classes in Ayurveda.

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