massage therapy 

at Gemini Bodywork we aim to provide the best care in each session. 

This is why we never charge extra based on modality.  We'll go over your health history and wellness goals to determine the appropriate plan.  Hot stones, prenatal, cupping, aromatherapy... never cost extra. 
Sports Massage

Recover quickly from a run, workout, competition, or big game.  Ease sore muscles and increase circulation.

60 Minutes                                     $80
90 Minutes                                   $120
120 Minutes                                 $160
Same day                               $100/hr

"Same day" is defined as appointments set within a 24 hour window of receiving service and is charged at a rate of $100/hr

A $5 charge will be incurred when paying with credit card

Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, check, and cash do not incur an additional charge



Inquire directly for one-on-one yoga sessions. 

If you've ever been intimidated by going to a group class or want to get a solid foundation, get in touch to schedule a private yoga session.

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